What’s new

This new version adds a number of new features and improvements, as well as some bug fixes, detailed bellow

List of RfCs

New features and improvements

  • [DPD-534] - Enable to set ansible module version.
  • [DPD-535] - Fix error attaching volumes in OCCI conn (OpenNebula site)
  • [DPD-537] - Remove new line characters inserted into cloud-init shell scripts
  • [DPD-538] - Enable to create Azure VM from user disk
  • [DPD-539] - Enable to set cidr in Fogbow federated networks
  • [DPD-540] - Add node creation error message in CloudStack conn
  • [DPD-541] - Add sleep among ctxt agent task retries

Bugs fixed

  • [DPD-531] - Error in dockerfile not installing libcloud library
  • [DPD-532] - Fix error port 22 is not opened in private nets
  • [DPD-533] - Fix error in directory creation in case of using external ansible host
  • [DPD-536] - Fix error in OCCI conn contacting with KeyStorm

Known Issues

  • None

List of Artifacts