Alien4Cloud - DEEP plugin

The Alien4Cloud - DEEP plugin is the first step towards the adoption of a visual composition approach of TOSCA templates (based on Alien4Cloud), in order to facilitate the widespread adoption of the standard, and its integration with the INDIGO-DataCloud Orchestrator, which is already part of the EOSC-HUB service catalogue.

  • With this approach, the user can visually compose complex applications that involve, for example, the dynamic deployment of a container orchestration platform on an IaaS Cloud site that executes a highly-available Docker-based application to facilitate application delivery.
  • The users can also deploy an Apache Mesos cluster with GPU support that contains a deep learning application for the recognition of certain plant species, offered as a service to a community of users. This introduces unprecedented flexibility, from visual composition, to the automated application delivery, using a graphical interface that is already integrated with an Orchestrator layer that performs resource provision from multiple Clouds and application configuration.
  • The integration of easy-to-use graphical interfaces builds a bridge between the users and the orchestration services.It also represents a step forward to foster the adoption of innovative computing services that are hidden from the user, as they can focus on the high-level description of the services requirements and definition, instead of working on their technical implementation.


Detailed documentation is available at: