The Monitoring Framework is a set of tools which allow performing several monitoring operations in the platform resulting from the INDIGO-Datacloud project ( The Monitoring Framework is based on Zabbix, as the collector of the monitoring information coming from different sources, due to its maturity, its community support and its flexibility for different environments. The Monitoring Framework is divided in several main parts: * The Zabbix server (with the corresponding configuration and some support scripts); * The Zabbix wrapper, created for enabling a REST API for Zabbix; * Several probes, with different monitoring purposes (OCCI, Heapster, etc.).

This repository contains the supporting scripts for the Zabbix server (in order to perform automatic backups of the Zabbix database and configuration), the wrapper to be deployed with Zabbix (as a way to facilitate integration) and the probes released in the first version: a probe for monitoring OCCI interfaces of Infrastructure Providers and a probe for monitoring the Kubernetes cluster where the Indigo platform is deployed (by means of the Heapster tool).


Detailed documentation can be found at: