What’s new

This new version adds a number of new features and improvements, like the support for hybrid deployments, as well as some bug fixes, detailed bellow

List of RfCs

New features and improvements

  • [DPD-167] - Enable hybrid deployment
  • [DPD-172] - Add option to disable XML-RPC API
  • [DPD-173] - Create a connector to Apache CloudStack
  • [DPD-174] - Add volume_id to TOSCA BlockStorage type
  • [DPD-175] - Add support to disk.*.image_url in OpenStack connector
  • [DPD-240] - Facilitate the deployment of a trained model for inference
  • [DPD-263] - Enable to specify spot to EC2 instances in TOSCA
  • [DPD-264] - Get EC2 instances info from ec2instances.info

Bugs fixed

  • [DPD-168] - Problem installing specific branch of Ansible galaxy roles
  • [DPD-169] - OCCI server 2.0.4 authentication error
  • [DPD-170] - OCCI infrastructure: Volume deleting returns forbidden and takes too long
  • [DPD-171] - Fix error reporting memory units in OCCI connector
  • [DPD-265] - Error geting the subnets of the default VPC on EC2 conn
  • [DPD-271] - Error detecting ansible process end

Known Issues

  • None

List of Artifacts