What’s new

This new version adds a number of new features and improvements, as well as some bug fixes, detailed bellow

List of RfCs

New features and improvements

  • [DPD-589] - Enable to add routes in GCE conn
  • [DPD-590] - Get last version of AppDB image in OCCI conn
  • [DPD-591] - Change FogBow connector to new APIs (Buzios)
  • [DPD-597] - Handling of special characters in error messages from OpenStack
  • [DPD-598] - Keypairs left behind on OpenStack
  • [DPD-600] - Add missing volume_url parameter to OpenStack conn
  • [DPD-601] - Remove keypair creation in EC2 conn
  • [DPD-602] - Add error messages in case of error creating volumes
  • [DPD-603] - Remove ec2 classic supoort
  • [DPD-606] - Enable network creation in connectors

Bugs fixed

  • [DPD-587] - Error creating FW in GCE conn if outports is empty
  • [DPD-588] - Issues with Ansible 2.8
  • [DPD-592] - Error adding a floating IP when there is a floating ip free
  • [DPD-593] - Some floating IPs does not appear in the IM ctxt config files
  • [DPD-594] - On infrastructure creation the VM status is unknown instead of pending
  • [DPD-595] - Error 500 is returned in case of TOSCA parser errors
  • [DPD-596] - Error adding two volumes to a VM in OCCI conn
  • [DPD-599] - Errors with PyYAML version 5.1
  • [DPD-604] - Error reconfiguring with a new RADL
  • [DPD-605] - Error getting keystone token in OCCI conn
  • [DPD-607] - Error in openstack conn in case of setting auth data with a host without port
  • [DPD-608] - Error in OpenNebula conn in case of error in function call

Known Issues

  • None

List of Artifacts