v. 4.0.0

What’s new

This version provides a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes

List of RfCs

  • TOSCA types v. 4.0.0, tested with Ansible 2.6.20

    • Added new type for QCG job
    • Added new types and artifacts for vRouter components
    • Added new type for DEEPaaS
    • Added support for Marathon secrets
    • Added icons for each type
    • Added metadata and description in custom_types.yaml
    • Added type for BlockStorage and for AttachesTo relationship
    • Improved support for hybrid deployments
    • Improved policy definitions
  • TOSCA templates v. 4.0.0

    • Updated templates to ensure the compliance with Simple Profile in YAML 1.0
      • these changes are mandatory for working with Orchestrator version >= 2.2.0
    • Updated templates for DEEP use-cases
    • Fixing typos (e.g. priviliged –> privileged)
    • Added template for Slurm Elastic Cluster
    • Deleted obsolete templates
    • Deleted templates with hard-coded values for SLAs
  • None