What’s new

This version provides a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes

List of RfCs


  • [DPD-296] - Add support for nvidia-docker like functionality
  • [DPD-301] - Add support for runC to v1.0.0-rc5
  • [DPD-303] - Command line interface improvements
  • [DPD-304] - Improve metadata handling
  • [DPD-306] - Add kill-on-exit to proot on Pn modes
  • [DPD-307] - Force python2 as interpreter
  • [DPD-310] - Directory absolute symlinks in Fn modes not being converted


  • [DPD-297] - Improve parsing of quotes in the command line
  • [DPD-298] - Issues in file downloads
  • [DPD-299] - Mitigation for upstream limitation in runC without tty
  • [DPD-300] - Fix detection of executable with symlinks in container
  • [DPD-305] - Improve pathname translation in Fn modes for mounted dirs

Known Issues

  • None

List of Artifacts