What’s new

This version provides a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes

List of RfCs

  • Updated example template for deploying a Mesos cluster
  • Added example template for deploying a Mesos cluster with GPU support and a tensorflow container on top of it that uses GPU(s)
  • Added GPU support for compute nodes and dockerized jobs (chronos) and apps (marathon)
  • Added preemtible_instance property to support “spot” instances
  • Added example template for launching the generic_deepaas mesos job
  • Added new types for describing a Kubernetes cluster; new Ansible roles implemented.
  • Added new type for describing a JupyterHub node; new Ansible role implemented.
  • Fixing for Galaxy on cloud:
    • Update support to Galaxy release_18.05 in indigo-dc.galaxycloud
    • Fix proftpd in indigo-dc.galaxycloud
    • New ansible role for galaxy tools installation, named indigo-dc.galaxycloud-tools
    • Update tosca.nodes.indigo.GalaxyShedTool with new ansible role
    • Fix CERN-VM FS reference data mount on cluster worker nodes on galaxy artifacts
    • Reworked ansible role (indigo-dc.galaxycloud-fastconfig) to reconfigure an image with Galaxy already installed
    • Reworked storage encryption script on indigo-dc.galaxycloud-os
    • Fix tasks order in Galaxy elastic cluster tosca template: now galaxy user is created before slurm configuration.

Known Issues

  • None